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Third Edition 2021

Volume 23 / Issue Three



His name still registers throughout the world as the consummate competitor and automobile genius - Enzo Ferrari.

“There can only be one winner,” Ferrari once said, “and I set my best people against one another to find out who that will be.”siasm to do what I love doing does not digress. I just love it.”

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The Third Edition 2021 also includes:

• Villa d’Ayala: One of Italy’s Most Beautiful Historic Gardens
• Actor Dennis Farina: A Son’s Tribute
• Bathtub Madonnas: East Boston’s Veneration of the Virgin Mary
• ’Ndocciata D’Agnone: A Festival of Torches
• Blessings of the Sun: Eggplant Carbonata, Anchovy Mozzarella Pinsa, Italian Beef Salad, Garden Focaccia, Chocolate Cherry Mousse Cake, Coffee Zabaione


    Enzo Ferrari.
    Alternately, El Padrone, Il Commentore, Il Drake, “the Boss” and, respectfully, but often with a dash of venom, “the Old Man,” Enzo Ferrari ruled the company that bore his name with Machiavellian ruthlessness.


    Villa d’Ayala
    One of Italy’s Most Beautiful Historic Gardens

    Mannerism mixes with Baroque and Romanticism for everything to get swept into nature’s own colors. Once Villa d’Ayala was said to be the 7th most beautiful historical garden in Italy, which is actually quite a compliment, when you consider the many beautiful gardens in the country.

    Actor Dennis Farina
    A Son’s Tribute

    Starting in 1986, my dad was the star of “Crime Story.” Somehow, someway, he was on TV every week for the next two years. Looking back, I have to say his work on “Crime Story” is among his best.

    Bathtub Madonnas
    East Boston’s Veneration of the Virgin Mary

    With the ingenuity typical of Italians, they re-purposed these tubs into saint's shrines for their yards. They became so popular that many created their own tub-shaped shrines out of stucco.

    ’Ndocciata D’Agnone
    A Festival of Torches

    Different traditions have been reflected in the ‘Ndocciata over the years; for example, if the wind blew from the north during the bonfire it was expected to be a good year.

    Blessings of the Sun
    The power of the sun. The heat. The humidity. The domain of summer. Fall has arrived. The air gets drier and cooler. Harvest will not be easy. It never is. The land humbles us. We are forever grateful. God has given us the gifts of bounty. We savor. We enjoy. We give thanks. Recipes for Eggplant Carbonata, Anchovy Mozzarella Pinsa, Italian Beef Salad, Garden Focaccia, Chocolate Cherry Mouse Cake and Coffee Zabaione.


    • Publisher’s Note: Disease Control in Italy
    • Hidden Treasures - Travel: The Pyramid of Cestius
    • Language: Stendhal…in Italian & English. Have You Ever Suffered from Stendhal Syndrome?
    • Wine & Spirits: Galliano - America’s Cocktail Maker…From Italy
    • Readers' Corner: “How an Italian American Police Detective Helped Solve the Kennedy Assassination,” by Ann Marie Antenucci
    • Readers' Corner: “My Dad, The Prize Winning Gardener” by Anthony Sottile, Jr.

    And...Book Reviews in this Edition…

    “Play Jimmy Roselli,” by Kenneth J. Uva
    A fictionalized recollection of Growing up Italian American in Brooklyn.

    “The Classroom of Life,” by Dr. Anthony J. Cedolini
    A  fascinating compendium of useful knowledge to help anyone and everyone overcome life’s obstacles and adversities.

    “Celebrating The Heritage,” by Mario Toglia
    An excursion through the United States to cover the progeny of those who immigrated from Calitri, a small village in Italy’s Avellino province.

    “Mussolini Also Did A Lot of Good,” by Francesco Filippi
    A book to counter the increasing historical distortion of Italian fascism and the reign of Benito Mussolini.

    “Entering the Age of Elegance,” by Chloe Jon Paul
    A perspective guidebook to cover all aspects of the physical, mental and spiritual challenges we face in our senior years.

    “Newark, Italy + Me,” by Daniel P. Quinn

    A heartfelt tribute by the author for New Jersey’s largest city.

    “Giovanni: Street Urchin of Naples,” by Joseph Polacco
    A decades’ long saga for the Italian immigrant experience to coincide with key events of the 20th century.

    “My Classic Radio Interviews with the Stars - Volume One,” by Michael Dante
    The star of television and film recounts the recorded radio interviews he made from 1994 to 2008 with America’s biggest celebrities.


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