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First Edition 2021

Volume 23 / Issue One



On an ordinary summer Sunday, Fabian’s father, relaxing at home, suffered a near fatal heart attack. While being taken away in an ambulance, who, of all people but record company owner and personal manager Bob Marcucci, should drive by. He hopped out of his car and immediately spotted the teary-eyed 14-year-old Fabian.

Fabian Anthony Forte was born February 6, 1943 to Josephine (ne’ Mazillo) and Giovanni Dominic Forte – a policeman. The first of three boys, Anthony, or “Fabe,” as he was soon nicknamed, was second generation Italian American. His grandfather hailed from Naples and his grandmother, Abruzzo, from where they both set sail for America in the late 1800’s.

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The First Edition 2021 includes:

• Restoration Raphael: The Painter’s Works are Refurbished inside the Vatican
• Pictorial of Raphael’s Paintings and Tapestries
• Two Composers - Italian Americans Paul Creston and Norman Dello Joio
• Gelato of the Dolomites - The Frozen Confection was Invented in Northern Italy
• Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini - It’s the Best of Both Worlds for Boxing’s Living Legend
• Italian Food - Stay Inside for Winter: Risotto alla Pescatore, Stuffed Calamari, Pork Chops and Mushrooms, Tortellini with Prosciutto, Zabaione, Persimmon Tart


    Rocker, Actor, Pop Icon
    “Believe me, when people in ’show business’ tell you it’s a crazy business, they’re not joking.”


    Restoration of the Raphael Rooms
    Pictorial of Raphael’s Paintings

    The Raphael Rooms are located on the second floor of the Pontifical Palace inside Vatican City. Pope Julius II commissioned Raphael to decorate the walls of his residence. The work began in 1508 and was completed in 1524 after Raphael died. Beginning in 1980, the Vatican embarked on a detailed restoration plan of the Raphael Rooms and adjoining Constantine Hall. The completion of the paintings’ restoration came with a rare showing of tapestries, illustrated by Raphael, that hung in the Sistine Chapel for just a few weeks in 2020.

    Two Composers - Italian Americans Paul Creston and Norman Dello Joio
    Paul Creston and Norman Dello remain underrated by critics and under-appreciated by the public. It is high time to reassess their place in the American pantheon of composers and restore their reputation to what it was in their heyday.

    Gelato of the Dolomites - The Frozen Confection was Invented in Northern Italy
    Those valleys, Cadore and Zoldo, have a different story. A mixture of migration, resourcefulness and good taste, this area is the home of the king of desserts: Gelato. The rules of gelato making were passed down to one another, along with the values which made their community a unique model: The courage to start up a new business and the solidarity among them.

    Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini - It’s the Best of Both Worlds for Boxing’s Living Legend
    Mancini’s life tale is too inspirational, too redemptive. There are too many storylines of loyalty and reincarnation, faith and forgiveness. Retaining the vestiges of his boyish Italian good looks and steel city Rust Belt charm, Ray still has it all. A new generation gets to know the unquenchable battler, a man who preserves the essence of the sport’s glory days.

    La Terza Classe: An American Style Folk Band…from Naples
    Thousands of miles away from the land where bluegrass was born, four young street musicians gather with their respective instruments. They love American bluegrass, Dixieland jazz and jug band music. Busking on the streets of Naples, they created Naples’s very own bluegrass band, La Terza Classe (the Third Class, in English).

    Stay Inside for Winter

    Where are the Italians? Inside, of course. The days of winter are much too short and the cold nights much too long. We miss the sun of Naples. We miss the oranges of Sicily. We yearn for the peppers of Calabria. The azure blue waters of Apulia call us. Spring, return to us quickly.


    • Publisher’s Note: From Caesar to Hamilton to Trump - Presidential Pardons Hark Back to Ancient Rome
    • Hidden Treasures - Travel: The Astronomical Clock of Padua - The Landmark Timepiece Contains a Mysterious Omission
    • Language: “Dracula” by Bram Stoker…in Italian & English. Is the Real-life Dracula Buried in Italy?
    • Wine & Spirits:  Cooperstown Distillery - A Home Run for Whiskey
    • Readers' Corner: “From Veroli with Love,” by Flora Pagliardi Farella
    • Readers' Corner: “My Grandfather Kept Us Laughing,” by Rich Monetti

    And...Book Reviews in this Edition…

    Italian Horror Cinema - The Most Influential Horror Films from Italy
    Truby Chiaviello, editor of PRIMO, examines Italian horror in his latest book.
    “Italian Horror Cinema,” by Truby Chiaviello. A book to be cherished by today’s filmmakers and all fans of horror, Italian and international cinema.
    “Priestess of Pompeii - The Initiate’s Journey, Book One,” by Sandra C. Hurt. “Priestess of Pompeii” is an extraordinary novel to be read and relished by all Italian Americans, especially those who take great pride in what was, perhaps, the greatest civilization in history - ancient Rome and Pompeii.
    “A Day in June,” by Marisa Labozzetta. “A Day in June” is a most refreshing novel. The novel is not to be only compared to a fine Italian wine, but, considering the setting, a pint of Vermont maple syrup, sweet and wholesome and a joy to savor. “A Day in June” is most magnificent.
    “The Case of the Crosseyed Strangler - A Sergeant Markie Mystery,” by Anthony Celano. Here is a novel to be read and remembered by all who love excellent crime mysteries and the profound admiration and respect we have for the good people who protect and serve us. An outstanding novel is “The Case of the Crosseyed Strangler.”
    “Celibate: A Memoir,” by Maria Giura. The author’s honesty is admirable as she shows herself to have many of the same failures, successes, hopes and dreams that all people share. An entirely compelling work of nonfiction, “Celibate: A Memoir” will resonate with readers and move them in many ways.
    “Sicilian Dreams,” by Vincent Panella. “Sicilian Dreams” is a novel about the Sicilian immigrant, forever a representative of the struggle to overcome persecution and oppression. Panella writes with compassion and perception for the people of his family’s homeland. “Sicilian Dreams” is awesome.


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