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First Edition 2019

Volume 21 / Issue One

Marcello Mastroianni: Italian Star, Italian Legend

Marcello Mastroianni appeared in 150 films. More than James Cagney. More than Gary Cooper. More than Clint Eastwood.

Marcello was always working: From the time he was a background player in his first film, in 1939, in the Italian romantic comedy “Marionette,” until his final film, in 1997, in the Portuguese heartfelt drama “Viagem ao Princípio do Mundo.”

Marcello remains Italy’s top star. In this edition, we pay tribute to this great Italian actor. We relive his greatest films such as “Divorce, Italian Style,” “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” “8-1/2” and “La Dolce Vita.” We take a close look at his cinematic partnership with Federico Fellini and Sophia Loren. An amazing feature article. Not to be missed!

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The First Edition 2019 includes:

  • Marcello Mastroianni - Italian Star, Italian Legend
  • Rino Barillari - The King of Paparazzi
  • The Art of White Wine of Lugana
  • Carlo Gentile: Photographer of the Wild West
  • They Came from Genoa - A Pictorial Tribute to Our Genoese Ancestors
  • Italian Food - Always a Celebration: Tagliatelle with Pheasant Ragù, Stuffed Mushrooms, Veal Roast with Potatoes, Pasta Puttanesca, Carrot Soup, and Ravioli Bolognese


    After the war, Marcello had no problem finding roles. He was first a supporting cast member and then a star by the late 1950s. Soon, he rose to even greater heights. He went from star to living legend. His collaborations with two figures in Italian cinema proved decisive. They were Federico Fellini and Sophia Loren.


    Rino Barillari - The King of Paparazzi
    According to Italy's history books, Rome's dolce vita started in the autumn of 1958. With a big party and an even bigger scandal. Then came Fellini's famous film, “La Dolce Vita,” and the ability of Rome's Cinecittà to attract a multitude of Hollywood stars. It all lasted for a decade. But what about la dolce vita today, does it still exist? Primo Magazine has asked Italy's most famous paparazzo, Rino Barillari, who was on the top of the wave back then, and who is still active today.

    The Art of White Wine of Lugana
    Not a large wine making region; only 2,700 acres are dedicated to vines. Yet, Lugana produces a white wine everyone should try. Lugana is found on the south end of beautiful Lake Garda. The land is between the regions of Lombardy and the Veneto; but also between the provinces of Brescia and Verona.

    Carlo Gentile, Photographer of the Wild West
    Edward Curtis, William Henry Jackson, C.S. Fly and John C.H. Grabill are well-known photographers of the natural wonders and aboriginal people of North America in the 19th century. One important name missing from that list is Carlo Gentile. Gentile visited the Yuma and Mohave of the Colorado River region. Going south, he photographed the Pima and Maricopa tribes. In 1871, he pursued the call of a rich gold strike in central Arizona (or by some accounts the quarry was diamonds), and teamed up with about 300 other rabid prospectors. But the search was a bust. Oh, but what an adventure!

    They Came from Genoa
    We pay tribute to the families of Genoese immigrants. PRIMO readers from all over the United States submitted their family photographs, histories and recollections in this heartfelt remembrance of ancestors who came to America from Genoa.

    A Celebration, Not Just a Meal -
    We don’t need much. Meat and vegetables. Some herbs. Rice or pasta. Maybe, brandy for the sauce. What is vital is the recipe. What did Nonna cook this time of the year? The table is set. The family is gathered. The wine is poured. We say our prayers. We toast the occasion. Italian food - always joyful. .

    Recipes: Tagliatelle with Pheasant Ragù, Stuffed Mushrooms, Veal Roast with Potatoes, Pasta Puttanesca, Carrot Soup, and Ravioli Bolognese.


    • Publisher’s Note: Save Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Worcester, Massachusetts
    • Hidden Treasures - Travel: The Abbey of Thelma - Cefalù Hosts The Depraved Temple of Aleister Crowley
    • Language: How Two Italians Got “Dr. Zhivago” Published
    • Wine & Spirits:  Puni Distilleria - Italy’s First-Ever Malted Whiskey
    • Readers' Corner: “The Baptismal Font,” by Raymond Cerchione
    • Readers' Corner: “Bowling for Dollars,” by Genevieve Siconolfi
    • Readers' Corner: “Italian Prejudice Towards Sicilian Americans,” by Angelo F. Coniglio

    And...Reviews in this edition:

    “Addicted to Hate,” by Lucia Mann. A Sicilian woman must overcome the physical and mental abuse of her daughters.
    “Italians of Lackawanna County,” by Stephanie Longo. The author takes readers on a tour of her home region; where one of the highest concentrations of Italian Americans live in the United States.
    “The Five-Ingredient Cookbook,” by Francesca Montillo. The author, originally from Calabria, provides a showcase of great Italian food.
    “The Serpent’s Disciple,” by Deborah Stevens. A brother and sister travel to their family’s home village in Italy where they soon discover a plot to assassinate the pope by followers of the antichrist.
    “A Boy at Heart,” by Ray M. Vento. This heartfelt children’s story takes place in Los Angeles in the 1950s.
    “Her Spanish Doll,” by Joanne Fisher. Love blossoms in Lake Garda between a young Italian woman and a Spanish businessman.


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