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Buy the book "Italian Sketches: The Faces of Modern Italy."
$19.95 Shipping & handling included:

  • Italian Sketches: The Faces of Modern Italy

Deirdre Pirro is a current contributor to PRIMO Magazine. She translates excerpts of major works of literature either from English to Italian or Italian to English for PRIMO's Language department.

Here, Deirdre shows her writing forte in a concise and fascinating book about modern Italy. "Italian Sketches: The Faces of Modern Italy," is a recap of Italy's 20th century icons, from Maria Montessori to Giorgio Armani, from Sofia Loren to Pope John XXIII.

Drawn from Deirdre's column in "The Florentine," an English language newspaper in Tuscay, "Italian Sketches" portrays a nation whose modern cultural landscape remains largely undiscovered. The author's articulate prose, accompanied by Leo Cardini's eye-catching illustrations, captures the lives of those whose savvy or sacrifice changed Italy. Both dramatic and candid, these intriguing essays reveal a country whose questions can only be answered one sketch at a time.

Buy it today from PRIMO! Just $19.95, with free shipping and handling.



Buy the book “Italianissimo: The Quintessential Guide to What Italians Do Best,” a profile of 50 enticing Italian contributions to the culture and betterment of the world. Yours for just $19.95, with free shipping and handling.

  • Italianissimo

Authors Louise Fili and Lise Apatoff provide a detailed account of Italian life as it is lived today in Italy.

“Italianissimo” is a humorous and insightful rendering of the traits and trends of Italy; the likes and dislikes shared by a diverse people.

Each page is a topic of special interest to observers of Italians. For example, there is a page on line formation. We read that “For Italians, the concept of forming a line is tedious and boring; the etiquette of waiting has no place in their lives.” The authors explain how Italians flow into stores and soccer matches with no formation or direction. What governs crowd movement is argumentation, pushing and shoving; and yet somehow people move in and out with relative efficiency.

There is a page on food, a mainstay of Italian culture. We read how in Italy, eating is art. “Where else is the subject of dinner discussed at the breakfast table?” asks the authors. We then go on to read how regional cuisine is a matter of fierce pride and debate among Italians.

A number of other subjects arise, giving one a greater understanding of contemporary Italian life. Everything, from orphans to olive oil, is discussed as to how Italians perceive them and organize their lives around them.

Always humorous, with enchanting images to boot, “Italianissimo” is a book of wonders for those in love with Italy. Buy it today from PRIMO! Just $19.95, with free shipping and handling.

Buy the book “Immigrant & Passenger Arrivals” today!
Yours for just $9.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • Immigrant & Passenger Arrivals

This is an index to the microfilm publications on immigration records of the National Archives. This book catalogs the many indexs of passenger lists of vessels that arrived in America's major ports. The lists cover ports, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans and New York. It provides indexs to the US custom service from 1820 to 1891 and the Immigration Naturalization Service from 1891 to 1957. This book can be used by those undertaking serious genealogical research, utilizing the many records of the National Archives.






Buy the book “The Best Pasta Sauces" today!
Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling. (Almost $10.00 off the retail price)

  • The Best Pasta Sauces: Favorite Regional Italian Recipies

Author Micol Negrin, from Milan, takes us on a gastronomic tour of Italy: From the mountainous reaches of Val d'Aosta to the emerald shores of Sardinia. The art of preparing pasta pivots around one essential fact - the sauce has to be perfect. Here now is a cookbook of the most authentic Italian sauce recipes from every Italian province and region.

A little over 200 pages, "The Best Pasta Sauces" comes with detailed recipes and stunning photographs of Italy's greatest sauces. The culinary odyssey begins in Italy's north where cream and cheese come together, such as Fontina Sauce, Parmigiano Sauce and Marjoram Pesto. We then venture to Italy's center where the sauces are fantastic, such as Spicy Tomato, Guanciale Sauce and Carmelized Fennel. In the South, sauces include regional ingredients in family recipes passed down through generations such as Sweet Pepper and Lamb Ragu, Spicy Cannellini Bean Sauce and sauce made from Pancetta and Arugula.

Here is a book that belongs in every Italian American kitchen. Buy "The Best Pasta Sauces" today.





Buy the book “Children's Illustrated Italian Dictionary" today!
Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • Children's Illustrated Italian Dictionary

The perfect book to teach your children or grandchildren the Italian language. Published by Hippocrene Books, famous for their language books and publications, the "Children's Illustrated Italian Dictionary" is an engaging and entertaining collection of English words and their Italian equivalents.

The book is 100 pages in length and quite sizeable at 8.5 x 11. Every color page comes with a host of watercolor illustrations that accompany, together, over 700 nouns, verbs and prepositions. The visual context allows children to quickly and accurately grasp Italian words. It is the first key step in learning Italian.

"Children's Illustrated Italian Dictionary" was designed for children ages 5-10. A child will make a connection between a picture and word for a fuller understanding of Italian.

A perfect resource for every Italian American family. Buy "Children's Illustrated Dictionary" today!










Buy the book “Michelangelo for Kids" today!
Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • Michelangelo for Kids

This book will fully immerse your Italian American children and grandchildren in the greatness of Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Published by Chicago Review Press and written by Simonetta Carr, "Michelangelo for Kids," conveys to readers the extraordinary life of Michelangelo in easy-to-read prose, with children in mind. It comes with 21 activities that allows young readers to learn the art techniques of the Italian Renaissance, such as making homemade paint, cross-hatching drawings, painting a ceiling, building model fortifications, and more.

The book is perfect bound, four-color glossy, consisting of 120 color pages at 8.5 x 11, horizontal configuration.

All aspects of Michelangelo's life is covered and children will gain a profound appreciation for his intense labor and discipline and his extraordinary achievements in sculpture, fresco paintings and architectural designs.

This is a book your children and grandchildren will read and utilize for years to come. Buy "Michelangelo for Kids" today!


Buy the book “Leonardo da Vinci for Kids" today!
Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • Leonardo da Vinci for Kids

Leonardo da Vinci is the model in this engaging book by Janis Herbert.

Published by Chicago Review Press, “Leonardo da Vinci for Kids,” is a biography of the great Leonardo that teaches and inspires children of all ages to seek greatness. It comes with 21 activities that are related to the art and scientific achievements of Leonardo, such as: how to paint birds and create animal art, how to master perspective, how to make a kite based on Leonardo’s design for a parachute, how to make a lute from a cardboard box, how to write in mirror script, and so much more.

The book is perfect bound, four-color glossy, consisting of 100 color pages at 8.5 x 11, horizontal configuration. Included in the book are many images such as Leonardo’s paintings, sculpture, mechanical designs and anatomical drawings.

The book begins with Leonardo’s birth in 1452 and ends with his untimely death in 1519. Conveyed to readers is the fullness of his life, from his great works of art to his experiments in civil and military engineering.

This is a book for you, your children and grandchildren! It is a book that will inspire and stimulate intellectual activity for the whole family. Buy “Leonardo da Vinci for Kids" today!



Buy the book “Verdi of Kids” today!
Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • Verdi for Kids

As opera singer Deborah Voigt writes in the book’s Forward, “Giuseppe Verdi was one of the best of all the opera composers…Even if you are completely new to opera, you would probably be surprised by how much of Verdi’s music you have already heard and do hear, in everyday life. Themes from his operas are used in movies, commercials, and celebratory events to this day, and are famous and familiar.”

“Verdi for Kids,” is an engaging and entertaining biography of Giuseppe Verdi, with special emphasis on his operas. The book conveys the complex musical arrangements of the composer and the painstaking creative process in his most famous operas, such as “Il Trovato,” “Rigoletto,” and “La Traviata.”

“Verdi for Kids” comes with 21 activities to inspire young people to embrace opera and classical music. Some highlights are: How to design an opera costume, how to craft a panpipe, how to sing like a diva, and so much more.

“Verdi for Kids” is a perfect bound book; four-color glossy, consisting of 120 color pages. The book comes with a picture on almost page. We see Verdi in paintings and photographs, alongside the most famous opera sopranos and tenors of his day. We get an insider’s view of Italy’s finest opera houses in Milan, Venice and Naples. A side theme in the book is Italy’s fight for unification and the Risorgimento. We see how Verdi helped to rally his people toward the founding of the Italian nation.

“Verdi for Kids” will help your children better understand and appreciate Italian opera and one of Italy’s greatest musical geniuses - Giuseppe Verdi. Buy “Verdi for Kids" today!


Buy the book “Galileo for Kids" today!
Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • Galileo for Kids

The inventor of the telescope and father of modern physics is front and center is this new book by Richard Panchyk.

"Galileo for Kids," recounts the life and achievements of Galileo Galilei, from his birth in 1564 in Pisa to his inventions and astronomical observations in Florence and Venice; to his trial and punishment in Rome and the the development of modern physics before his death in 1643.

The book includes of hands-on activities to engage young readers in science, such as making a pendulum and pulsilogia, experimenting with gravity, and how to use aperture and other elements of a telescope.

The book is perfect bound, four-color glossy, consisting of 166 color pages at 8.5 x 11, horizontal configuration.

"Galileo for Kids" delves into the astronomical observations of Galileo such as the planets Venus, Mercury and Mars, the surface of the moon, the location of sunspots, the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. The nature of planets and orbital physics are explained through many hands-on activities.

"Galileo for Kids" is a book your children and grandchildren will read and utilize for years to come. Buy "Galileo for Kids" today!



Buy the book “The Italian American Cookbook" today!
Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • The Italian American Cookbook

From minestrone soup and pasta salad to shrimp scampi and lobster ravioli, satisfying creations from Italian American kitchens have become all-American fare.

"The Italian American Cookbook" is written by John and Galina Mariani. The book is 450 pages in length and 7 x 9 size.

Some 250 Italian recipes are included with fascinating culinary lore and the best of beloved traditions.

Some highlights are Figs and Prosciutto with Gorgonzola, Shrimp and Fennel Salad, Duck Ravioli, Spaghetti alla Puttanesca, Risotto with Spinach, Porcini, and Peas, Swiss Chard and Feta Torta, East Meets West Oxtail Stew, and Quail with Apple-Fig Compote.

"The Italian American Cookbook" is a delectable of new and traditional Italian recipes. Buy "The Italian American Cookbook" today!



Buy the book “The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice" today!
Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice

A children's book on the greatness of ancient Rome written and illustrated by the incomparable Marcia Williams.

The book is larger than most, at 10 x 12 in size and some 30 pages.

"The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice" is the perfect book to introduce your children and grandchildren to the wonders of ancient Rome.

Meet Dormeo, your dormouse guide to ancient Rome. He leads readers to Roman gods and goddesses, to Romulus and Remus and the legend of Rome's beginnings, to Julius Caesar and his romance with Cleopatra and assassination. Other emperors are covered as are great Roman statesmen. Experience life as an ancient Roman and get to know the great inventions, innovations and societal advances that Rome brought to the world.

"The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice" is a wonderful children's book. Buy it today and let your children and grandchildren embrace the greatness of ancient Rome.



Buy the book “The Italian Country Table" today! Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • The Italian Country Table: Home Cooking from Italy's Farmhouse Kitchens

If you dream of Italy - and who does not? - be prepared to fall in love with this extraordinary cookbook.

Written by Lynne Rossetto Kasper, grandchild of Italian immigrants. She is author of "The Splendid Table: Recipes from Emilia-Romagna" and hosts the weekly Public Radio program "Splendid Table"

"The Italian Country Table" is her tribute to Italian farm life. Read this book's exuberant 216 pages, eat its lusty dishes, and you enter a landscape vibrant with rural life. You are one with the terrain. It is the miracle of Italy - no matter where we come from, we want to be a part of it.

"The Italian Country Table" contains over 200 recipes, collected from home cooks throughout Italy. The book also comes with 16 pages of full color photographs of finished dishes and 50 black and white photographs of country life in Italy.

"The Italian Country Table" will transport you to the Italian countryside in delicious Italian recipes. Buy "The Italian Country Table" today!



Buy “A  Book of Saints" today! Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • A Book of Saints: An Evocative Celebration in Prose and Paintings

Within this book you will find stories of our most beloved saints, people whose lives have touched ours through their heroism, asceticism, devotion and faith.

Many of the saints included are Italian or spent much of their time in Italy. These are important figures revered in Italy as modesl of Roman Catholic faith.

The anthology comes with biographies of saints and their depictions by such Italian artists as Caravaggio, Tiziano, Vittore Carpaccio, and many more.

"A Book of Saints" is both inspirational and historical. Buy it today!



Buy “Churches of Venice" today! Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • Churches of Venice

Written by Alessandra Boccato, "Churches of Venice" was originally in Italian but translated into English for an American audience.

This is an amazing book. Almost 200 pages in length and full of colorful photographs of church exteriors and interiors, architects and artists, blueprint diagrams and location maps of the churches in the city.

Venice is arguably the most beautiful city in the world. Her intertwining canals are only matched by her astouding buildings and exquisite architecture; most notably, her churches.

"Churches of Venice" examines some 60 churches throughout the city. These are masterpieces of construction by architects Mauro Codussi, Jasopo Sansovino, Andrea Palladino and more; with interiors decorated by such artists as Giovanni Bellini, Jacopo Tintoretto and Paolo Veronesi.

"Churches of Venice" is a beautiful and informative book that you and your family will cherish. Buy it today!



Buy “Politica e Prosa " today! Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • Politica e Prosa

Published in-house by PRIMO Magazine. This is our first book!

"Politica e Prosa" is politics and prose. It is a  60 page anthology consisting of excerpts of speeches and novels from English into Italian. Read Italian words adjacent to their original English versions once spoken by Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Mario Cuomo.

In addition, there are excerpts of novels by Charlotte Bronte, Robert Louis Stevenson, H.G. Wells and others that come with their original English text adjacent to new Italian translations. Featured also are English translations of the work of such great Italian writers as Dante Alighieri and Niccolo Machiavelli. Also included is the "Manifesto of Futurism" by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Italy's declaration of war by Benito Mussolini. Originally in Italian, their words come to you newly translated in English.

Essays precede the translations for a deeper understanding of the work.

"Politica e Prosa" is an excellent way to learn the Italian language. Buy it today!



Buy “Cucina Rustica" today! Yours for just $19.95. Free shipping and handling.

  • Cucina Rustica

Cucina Rustica translates as the "simple kitchen."

In 1990, authors Viana La Place and Evan Kleiman completed a personal journey to uncover "fresh, light style of Italian cooking."

Their discoveries are traditional Italian cooking in all the country's regions, provinces and villages.

The book contains some 12 chapters and 300 pages of mouthwatering Italian recipes and related themes. Everything is included from how to make Mortadella to how to make Zuppa dei Funghi (Mushroom Soup) to how to make Budino di Ricotta (Ricotta Pudding), and so much more. There is also a chapter on how best to organize your Italian kitchen.

"Cucina Rustica" is the perfect book to assist you and your loved ones in preparing Italian meals all year long. Buy it today!


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