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Buy PRIMO's exclusive board game "Age of Discovery" today!
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  • Age of Discovery

    A board game inspired by the explorations of Christopher Columbus!

    Fun and educational is "Age of Discovery." The board game puts you in the role of an Italian or European explorer of the early 16th century. Just like Christopher Columbus, you and other players vie for the support of kings and queens to discover the lands of the New World. You compete against each other to gain merchant vessels, ship crews, and the fulfillment of trade contracts to make the money in order to fund the journey.

    Modeled after the exploits of Christopher Columbus, "Age of Discovery" will allow you and your family a fun way to better understand the achievements of the great Italian explorer and those like him, such as Giovanni Caboto, Amerigo Vespucci, and Giovanni da Verrazzano.

    "Age of Discovery" comes with 50 ship cards, 12 expedition cards, 24 trade contracts, 12 special mission cards, 12 action cards, 88 wooden tokens, 1 victory point chart, 60 coins and 1 rules booklet.

    A great game for the whole family.

    Now on sale through PRIMO...Just $59.90 and as shipping!


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